Customer Help Pages

This page will be dedicated to self help resources for Customers to identify Catering Equipment Faults without the need to remove panels or get involved in electronics.
Most of the Help Tips point to Equipment reset’s and simple fault finding.


Most manufacturers incorporate a Hi-Limit Safety Thermostat into the design of CE Approved Equipment.
If your Fryer fails to light, i.e the Pilot fails to establish then check the following:
1. The Gas is turned ON
2. The Pilot is Lit
3. The Pilot Flame is visible
4. If the pilot only stays alight when you press in the Gas Valve you may have either a failed Valve or faulty thermocouple, alternatively..look and see if you can locate the Safety Thermostat…normally fitted just under the fascia of the control panel…it will have a RED Button….try pushing the button and see if this cures the fault.
Safety Thermostats are fitted for a reason, to protect your equipment should the Main Thermostat fail and allow the temperature to rise above the manufacturers intended limit.

If the pilot does light after depressing the Safety Thermostat you should call your Gas Safe Approved Catering Engineer to inspect the unit further and possibly renew the Main Thermostat.

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